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With sinfulness of life overfed
I, as a sage, forgive but not forget.

Everyone is a hero in his own way.
I hope I will be someday.

I have not failed repairing the clock.
I found out it would never work.

I don’t get exited in dispute.
Instead of beating drums, I play a flute.

I killed my clone. The jury must decide
is it a murder or a suicide.


First love is a kind of vaccination
from catching second desolation.

Imprisoned love in a cage can't stay.
It'll find a chance to get away.

For ones love is a folly, curable by marriage.
For others it's for soul's gifts and riches storage.

Love for a lifetime is a true miracle.
In Hollywood it's often like a sparkle.

Beyond the staring affection
love is a common look in same direction.


The real sage feels no enmity.
He is a friend of whole humanity.

The decent soul fights the ills of fate,
but does it peacefully, without hate.

In world of different believes
Love is the same to all, who lives.

In flames of hell by evil raised
 tobacco smoke kills human race.

The money buys a rice with chicken.
The love acquires a nice with children.

The office breeds the thieves for sale,
if doesn’t pay a decent sale.

A king is a beauty to a king,
as a pig is beauty to a pig.


To choose between the bad and the worse.
Sometimes there is a very little choice.

What's better: death or taxes?
I bet on first: from taxes death relaxes.

Choose well the role you want to play.
Forever, may, in it you'll stay.

If you decide to enter in,
it's wise to know who and what within.

The best defense is an offence.
To wait the doom makes no sense.

Fanatics want to change the world.
But swindlers want to sell the sold.

If you're in love, beware of the said:
the fire in the heart - the smoke in the head.


Minority in power steals from majority,
becomes too fat and loses its authority.

The leader's good, if life is good.
If life is bad, the leader's doomed.

Who's a cruel ruler? A clone or an android?
The chance is slim that he's a humanoid.

If leader voices for patriotism,
it means he's hating criticism.

All greedy rulers see ingratitude
in anger of protesting multitude.

State power is similar to gold.
Under control it's due to hold.


The life is short and full of sorrow.
Here today and gone tomorrow.

During his life he read the Bible
and nothing else.They called him idle.

Of all his troubles he’s curried
by death. Here lies the buried.

If I am dead how fuck I can?
Waite till I resurrect again.

Drink, dance and sing in chorus.
Today is mine, tomorrow is yours.

Here rests the very sinful priest,
who’s soul is in hell, who’s body lays in peace.

I’ve said what I meant to say.
Now you can laugh or cry, or pray.


Advices should be analyzed.
Take one which looks to you as wise.

If you do want the world to cure,
learn how nastiness to endure.

Not any robbery produces victim sobs.
Bee fertilizes flower it robs.

How to combine marriage and career?
Drink whisky only after beer.

My God, tell me, how in love to live?
"Be yourself, - said God. - But not naive."

How to induce the evil man to do the right?
Just let him sail a children's kite.


My love for poetry is strong.
The life is short, the art is long.

The wisdom is a sea with no beach.
Wits learn while they teach.

The stupidest is always right.
He’s never up to change his mind.

A wolf to another wolf is a friend.
A badman is a wolf to another man.

I do what to do I ought.
And what I may, I do not.

A honest error isn’t a crime
Each one of us to err inclined.

I don’t need a crowd. I’m not a clown. The writer does his work alone.      To be a person, you must fight for your liberty and right.     I have a right to do a few mistakes, God even errs while the world he makes.     Be wise and learn the price of told. The uttered word can’t be recalled.      Another working day has passed. It gave the needed bread to us.      Among the prophets who's the best? Who did foretell the data of his death.     Who is the best among the preachers? Who does the good without speechers.     Some say, our world is based on greed. If so, we are doomed indeed.     In flames of hell by evil raised, tobacco smoke kills human race.     Marring passion is amok. Marring money is a work.     You lost the love. It’s not a reason for a fury. What can’t be cured ought to be endured.     I can't forget the woman whom I vowed to love. I was her first and last. Her soul is above.     I didn't get from Life the all I wanted. What I have got I'm very fond of it.      You want to live in Age of Gold? First try to be one hundred old.      Don’t put off what can be done today. So thus you’ll cope with every crisis anyway.     Courage is often raised by fear. I feared Death before. Not now, when it’s near.     To live as long as much if you intend, say nothing but the good about the dead.       Accept what comes within a flow. Make use of it and let it go.The God invented sex to merge the genes.Or, may be, it was one of his begins?      To have a better life isn't our aim? We modify the world. But souls stay the same.     That, who is standing on the head, with cosmic energy is fed.     The oligarchs defend themselves with hired guns. But who will guard the guards with no guts?      While our God was taking bath,on Earth millenniums have passed.
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My God, protect me from those I befriend.
From enemies I can myself defend.

Fools and fanatics have a common brand:
they spit on what they don’t understand.

 She put a cheek, not lips, for you to kiss.
It means in love, but not with you, she is.

 Truth, Faith and Beauty are my holy trinity,
which grants to Love the spirit of divinity.

 In politics the person doesn’t last,
if he is a regular accuser of the past.

The roses died from aromatic pain.
In vase they waited you in vain.

 The ill, which can’t be healed by sage,
is called insanity of age.

 To live as long as much if you intend,
say nothing but the good about the dead.

 The hospitality is prized like gold.
Of us the table will be told.

 The vanity wants a crown of a king,
The avarice wants everything.



You should be always wide awake,
when your work and home is at stake.

Give your complete attention
to what in talks politics don’t mention.

Choose an author as you choose a friend.
Each book has its specific trend.

Don’t forget to wash the dirty socks,
when you survives severe shocks.

The failure of the job if you decide to guarant,
just send a fool on an important errand.

Due to the lessons I had learned,
all the respects in life I've earned.

With hope I look around at the world
trying to find the unlearned.

Where can I find a truthful friend
for lending me a guiding hand?

I'm not alone in a desert land.
My comp is my eternal friend.

When I was young, told me the wise:
"Act your age, not your shoe size".


If you’re in love, think twice of Judas’ kiss.
That remedy is worse than the disease.

They tightened on his neck a rope.
But he has cried: “I live till lives the hope!”

At the gambling place a slogan I have seen:
“The dice of house always fall to win.”

Knocked out in the ring the boxer grumbled:
“Keep calm, the man, in time of trouble.”

Some say the parents were worse than we are.
Who knows, would be children better far?

With sinfulness the voters were infected.
That’s why the Devil as a mayor was elected.

Don’t slender in the court. The punishment is due.
The burden of a proof is placed on you.

If you’re inclined to seed corruption weeds,
just set a thieve to pursue thieves.

Who plots a murder should remember Master’s will,
which says: “A kill is for a kill”.

The fool feels happy in the foolish crowd.
The wise is happy with a few like him around.


The last goodbye, last kiss and sip of wine.
And then oblivion divine.

You've died. The bell begins to toll.
Again you are a part of All.

Don't fuss about Death.
New life is due to it. Oh, yes!

A time to weep, a time to mourn,
a time to die.Or to be born?

Brain says: "Your body dies to be a dust."
But Soul tells: "In God I trust!"


The body of the life is time.
Don’t squeeze it like a lime.
Enhanced by love, rebuild by knowledge,
the life renews itself like foliage.
To change for better life you are in power,
if you can see a wonder in a flower.
The past is difficult to mend it.
To cherish every mo of life is recommended.
The Golden Bridge is not for dives.
Like candles in the wind are lives.
Life is a mean to grow up our souls.
It’s not a mean to overburden bowels.
To live is to believe in real living.
The tired of the life will have forgiving.
You life is really worthwhile
if you have some good to file.
The life is good when you are good,
and if it’s widely understood.
Because my life I do admire
I’m not at all afraid to die.
For wise the life is like sunrise,
like Christmas’s wonderful surprise.
The life who deeply understands
is welcomed guest in foreign lands.
What wants from life the homo sapiens?
A part of universal human happiness.
What is the life without theory?
We live to work, to love and to believe sincerely.


The psycho is in power. And when it happens,
then madness flows in heads of homo sapiens.
It's dangerous to climb to high.
The fall could lead in the eternal night.
 Itself the Bad is so widely prizing.
The Good needs no advertising.
 Remembering a cutting witticism
The stupid boss declared war to criticism.
Advisers don't have headache.
It's easy to advise. It's difficult to make.
A man with a head can put on in a hat.
With no head who is to get done that?


The old and painting are like lovers rather.
They see the beauty in each other.

While our God was taking bath,
on Earth millenniums have passed.

With closed eyes and need to be as one
the married couple sat taking in the sun.

In politics it's hard to find a gifted mind.
Is harder planet good for life to find.

Fools will remain the fools for sure.
Importance of the mind Viagra doesn't cure.


When stars again begin to glisten,
the cosmic silence I am up to listen.

What's worth the Earth
without art and music and my verse?

Our world is a cosmic joke
with heaven bliss and hellish yoke.

What is the basic cosmic truth?
The God is Love, but not Jesus.

What's Universe, if Heraclitus to inquire?
"It is an Ever Living Fire".


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I care not about what I am to others.
About what I am I care rather.

Long live my life, my glory!
For undertakers I am sorry.

 The virtues of my wife? To it I'm kind.
But to her faults - a little blind.

 To beg, to ask, believe, receive -
it's easy. It's hard - to get, to give.

 I don't complain about getting old.
Lot of my age is deadly cold.

 Eternal life in cloud-lands?
I'll sell you it for twenty cents.

Today is bad and full of sorrow.
I'll sure find my bliss tomorrow.



God said all men should be like brothers.
I'd say a lot of men are rivals rather.

The girl, who sells her sex for cash,
is nothing but a piece of flesh.

Accepted favor isn't just a take.
For it the freedom is at stake.

Who quickly gives the help, if solicited for,
is liable to be approached for more.

Among the prophets who's the best?
Who named the data of his own death.

The talk about you just let it stride.
The truth about you just guard inside.

Being polite doesn't mean to lose your pride.
It means to culture more the soul and the mind.

The sage was told that he was clever.
He answered:"Better late than never."

Keep open the door, and be a cordial host.
Your act of kindness is never lost.

Who is the best among the preachers?
That is who does the good without speeches.

The older behaves himself as if he is a baby.
He got two childhoods. May be.


You want to live in Age of Gold?
First try to be one hundred old.

Sleep is a domain for revelation
as well a field of recreation.

To an edge of life already clung
a narc is up to die young.

It’s hard to work, to learn, to win.
It’s easy to betray, to lie, to sin.

You know why at age I sneeze?
I couldn’t eat it like a cheese.

Sunset is gone after sunrise.
Someone is born. Somebody dies.


When furious, just eat a piece of bread.
As soon as anger fed, it's dead.

Too seriously don't take the fate.
Humor is your best roommate.

Do something useful, loaf less.
An idle life is a slow death.

If your life is like a jungle wood,
be swift to love, make haste to do the good.

If world to you is hard and grim,
fight vice and evil, rise your self-esteem.

If you are more afraid of life than death,
take pills prescribed nevertheless.

When your house is on fire,
don't ponder how you will die.

Some say, the life is education.
If you're already got a decent pension.

If you obliged to choose between the bad and worse,
take bad and leave worse to a boss.


The hen is first? My answer is a neg.
Each animal comes out from the egg.

In art there is the mystery divine.
The tales, I wrote, are mine, yet none is mine.

The proton has collided with the proton.
The world has dropped to the black hole bottom.

Before you start to teach you had to learn.
It is a rule to whom it may concern.

It’s useful to repeat again the will of God:
“Trust in the deed and not the word”.

With due respect is taken your modest fee.
All my possessions are with me.

I saw in a casino the written say:
“Who wins the pot may safely get away.”


In politics the scales is very shifty:
the absent and the dead are often guilty.

Immortals gods left humans long ago.
That's why folks sell souls for dough.

In papers truth is hushed.
In heads it isn't crushed.

Cursed, beaten, slandered and despised
the sage remarked: "It's dare to be wise."

A monkey dressed in silk is still a monkey.
A donkey with diamonds is still a donkey.


If some miser wants to buy the wisdom tree,
he must drink up the entire Baltic sea.
If you dispute with everybody,
it means the devil is in your body.
If you a modest, truthful, fair,
you may have good friends everywhere.
If you don't know the truth of yours,
you can not perceive the Universe.
If you are a constant liar,
the sharp recall you do require.
If you desire to receive God's pardon,
you must to raise up your own garden.
If you do wish to look politely,
wash your soiled linen privately.


Don't take more works than can be done.
Overburdened you may finish none.

Don't torture yourself, just free your bile.
It soothes hatred for a while.

Don't get involved in any evil action.
The Supervisor doesn't have vacation.

Don't worry dirty socks about,
when you are carried in a coffin out.

Don't trust the one who "sorry" often uses.
Wrongdoers never lack excuses.

Don't discuss too long the matter.
Sometimes to act is better.


The wisdom tells how to live and whom to follow.
The brain informs how to chew and what to swallow.

The influence reveals itself in being kind.
The wisdom lives in a blissful mind.

I'm wise with wisdom up to current time.
The future will decide what is in it as prime.

Our wisdom is a skill of moderation.
Stupidity leads us to desperation.

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